Ethics Approval for Phase 1 of the project has been granted.

Participants who choose to take part in this study (teachers working in schools) will complete a web based questionnaire in which they will be asked to identify a range of student behaviours that they have observed or encountered in their classroom or around the school over the past week. As well as identifying the range and frequency of student behaviours in classes and around the school, they will be asked how they responded to these behaviours and whether or not these behaviours were difficult to manage. They will also be asked to explain the reasons they believe their students behaved in such ways.

Confidentiality is very important and at no time during the study will participants be put at risk during their participation in the research. They will be free to withdraw from the study at any point. They will not be identified in the research findings and all personal data will remain confidential and accessible only to the research team throughout the study. All information that is collected as part of the study will be securely stored in the University of South Australia for five years before being destroyed.

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