Roundtable Approach

This project will be managed, over three years, by a Roundtable jointly hosted by the University of South Australia and Flinders University. This organisational structure draws on the highly successful ‘Innovative Links Between Universities and Schools for Teacher Professional Development’ project (A National Professional Development Project, 1994-1996) and is consistent with the collaborative agenda set by the CoAG National Partnerships (South Australian National Partnerships Council-Schooling, 2009). Intellectually, the Roundtable seeks to create and sustain ‘professional collaborative research enterprises between groups of educators across educational sites’ (Grundy, 1996, p.3). Yeatman and Sachs (1995) argued that these kinds of collaborative research approaches enable the generation of ‘new, more powerful kinds of knowledge to inform teaching and schooling’ (p. 45; see also Stirotnik & Goodlad, 1988). In this case, the purpose is to enable collaborating institutions, in association with other stakeholders, to better understand and respond to the issues associated with managing student behaviour in schools.

The Roundtable will be comprised of researchers from the University of South Australia and Flinders University, employer representatives from the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors, and delegates from the principals’ associations. Roundtable meetings will be held four times per year, once per school term. The purpose of the Roundtables will be to:

  1. Facilitate the work of the research project team;

  2. Provide support for the development of ongoing dialogue;

  3. Promote and provide a vehicle for the exchange of information and ideas among participating educational systems, schools, professional associations and universities;

  4. Provide a forum for reporting and publicising the outcomes of the research; and

  5. Provide for additional professional learning through organising, and/or promoting appropriate seminars.

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