Behaviour at School Study Surveys

Two surveys have been developed and launched for the Behaviour at School Study, which targeted South Australian teachers who teach for fifty percent (or more) of their working week and pre-service teachers at University of South Australia and Flinders University.

The BaSS Pre-Service Teacher Survey was created based on the Teacher Survey to suit  pre-service teachers and their experiences in their last practicum. We conducted this survey with final year pre-service teachers who participated in a professional experience teaching Reception – yr 12 students enrolled at UniSA and Flinders University.

The aim of this was to investigate pre-service teachers’ perceptions and conceptions of student behaviour in schools.This data will be significant because such a large scale survey of pre-service teachers views of student behaviour in schools has not been conducted before in Australia.

The results of the pre-service teacher survey and BaSS Teacher Survey can be found in the reports on the Publications page.

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