Phase 2-3 of the project is underway!

Phase 1 of the Behaviour at School Study is now complete with reports to be released on the 1st of February 2013 (these will be available on the main page of this website from that date onwards). The research will now be focusing on Phase 2-3 of the project which is based on exploring the ways in which schools develop and enact their local student behaviour policies.
We will draw on our experience working with schools to identify the local micropolitical work of individuals and groups involved in the development and enactment of local student behaviour policies. This will involve collecting four kinds of data:
1. contextual information about schools;
2. policy texts – State, District, and school-developed;
3. observations of meetings, staff training and development activities, and informal discussions; and
4. semi-structured and focus-group interviews with school leaders, teachers, Governing Council members, parents and groups of students who have an interest in local student behaviour policies.
The BaSS team looks forward to embarking on this new phase of the project  and currently ethics applications are well on the way of being approved!
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