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Interview for ABC 891 with Ian Henschke interviewing Dr Anna Sullivan regarding paper presented at AERA on student behavior (13/5/2013). 

‘Bored kids hard to teach’, The Advertiser (2013, 31 January) 

‘Valuable lessons in teacher support’, The Advertiser (2012, 30 October).

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Interview for ABC North and West SA Late Afternoons with Annette Marner interviewing Dr Anna Sullivan regarding disengaged students (24/8/2011). 

Interview for ABC 891 Drive with Sonya Feldhoff interviewing Dr Anna Sullivan regarding student behavior (17/8/2011) Download radio interview (mp3).

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Investigating student behaviour in classrooms. UniSA News. (June, 2011) Read Article.

Tracking student behaviour. InDailyNews, University of South Australia (23 June, 2011). 

Channel 9 (Adelaide) National Nine News (16 June 2011). Report on Behaviour at School Study Teacher Survey.

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