National Summit

A National Summit was convened by the Behaviour at School Study team on Tuesday 15 – Wednesday 16 July, 2014. This summit raised the profile of children and their rights as students in schools. It was an innovative, provocative and question-raising forum which addressed the pressing issue of student behaviour in schools, a topic at the centre of much public and political debate in Australia as well as globally.

The Summit began with a two day roundtable which brought together leading Australian academics with expertise on behaviour and schooling. The academics discussed and workshopped ideas that were presented at the public conference on Wednesday 16 July. A public lecture was presented by Ms Megan Mitchell, National Children’s commissioner on the evening of Tuesday 15 July. Approximately 200 people were in attendance. View a podcast of Ms Mitchell’s presentation

Wednesday 16 September was the final full day of the summit, with presentations from a number of leading academics including;

Dr Anna Sullivan, University of South Australia
Podcast: 09-AnnaSullivan.mp4
October 2nd

Professor Bruce Johnson, University of South Australia
Podcast: 02-BruceJohnson.mp4
October 2nd

Mr Bill Lucas, University of South Australia

Associate Professor Rob Hattam, University of South Australia

Ms Megan Mitchell, National Children's Commissioner

Professor Barry Down, Murdoch University
Podcast: 04-BarryDown.mp4
October 2nd

Professor Roger Slee, Victoria University
Podcast: 03-RogerSlee.mp4
October 2nd

Dr Tim McDonald, Director of Catholic Education, Western Australia
Podcast: 07-TimMcDonald.mp4
October 2nd

Future Directions Panel
October 2nd
School Leaders Panel
October 2nd

Associate Professor Linda Graham, Queensland University of Technology

To view the presenters PowerPoint presentations, please click on the presenters name. To view the Podcasts, please click the Podcast links.

Download PDF of the take home messages from the Summit
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