Partner Organisation Commitment and Collaboration

The value of this proposed project lies in the commitment of the major education partner organisations in South Australia to develop a common understanding of how to engage students in productive behaviours which will generate new knowledge that can inform policy and practice. The Partner organisations are:

These partner organisations are very concerned about unproductive student behaviours in schools as they are finding it increasingly challenging to develop and enact an integrated approach to teaching and learning that engages students in productive ways. Given the links between quality teaching and leadership and student behaviour, the principals’ associations will provide a unique and important role in this project.

The use of a Roundtable will enable high levels of collaboration between the partner organisations. The collaboration will play an integral role in the research process by:

  • Facilitating the work of the research team;

  • Providing access to key people;

  • Enabling access to key sources of information and data;

  • Assisting in verifying the analysis and interpretation of the data; and

  • Providing forums for reporting and publishing the outcomes of the research.

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